Fibre optic welds and measurements

Fibre optic welds and measurements

Fiber optics provide large amounts of information in a relatively short period of time - that is why this technology is used to offer the Internet or high speed internal networks (sometimes reaching tens of gigabits per second). As part of our services, we combine fiber optic cables - welding them and conducting measurements of cable throughput. For this purpose, we use modern tools:

  • FUJIKURA 70S+ fibre optic welder
  • Reflectometer Viavi MTS-2000 Quad 850/1300//1310/1550 + power meter option.

Optical fibre - welding and measuring

The fibers that follow the information provided to our computers are not perfect. Already at the production stage there may be defects in the operating structure of the designed line. This is mainly due to the fact that a material that would transmit information from the source to the recipient without suppressing optical power has not yet been discovered. Defects can also occur as a result of welding - it is impossible to avoid them in 100%. However, the precise execution of the joint reduces the risk of damping the optical power of the fibre. Fiber optic measurements allow to assess the capacity of the designed cable and thus eliminate potential defects.

Combining optical fibres and optical power

In a nutshell, optical power indicates how fast and how much information can be transferred through glass fibre. Depending on its length, there can be large losses between transmitter and receiver. For example, this is due to the material used, which can absorb energy, as well as the way in which the fibre is welded (welded), in which the information is transmitted. Optical power measurements allow to set up receivers with appropriate sensitivity, as well as amplifiers, thanks to which information can be transmitted over longer distances without any obstacles.

Proframe - delivery of modern technology

Our company connects the cables, as well as measures the optical power in order to provide only solid and modern solutions to our customers.

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