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Structural networks

Structural networks:

It is no secret that the current level of technological development is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to implement solutions which will either significantly improve the daily activity of the company or are even necessary for its proper functioning on the modern market. Today, an efficient internal communication system or a fast Internet connection is the basis of every medium and large business, which is evidenced by the number of investments made in this area.

What are structural networks?

In simple terms, it is a cabling system - fiber optic or copper - that performs the telecommunications function in a given location. The construction of a structural system is, however, subject to several requirements. Fiber optic and electrical sockets must be located in each room, so that computer stations can be freely moved and connected to the Internet.

Construction of fibre optic network

An extensive structural system based on fiber optics is not only about access to a high-speed connection in the office. High-bandwidth Internet networks allow the implementation of many solutions that increase ergonomics and safety on the premises. Telephone communication system with the possibility of assigning internal numbers is today a business standard. Technical parameters of fiber optic Internet also allow to build a monitoring system based on CCTV cameras, working in coordination with fire and burglary alarms.

We are a certified partner of R&M, SCHRACK, C&C, ALANTEC

Implementation of internet-based structural systems

An important element of our business is flexibility. In order to respond to the individual needs and expectations of the client, as well as to the technical specification of the facility, we build both fibre optic and copper networks.

We cooperate with the best manufacturers on the market:

  • AMP
  • C&C
  • BKT

Our projects are appreciated by customers and more. In 2019 we received an award from Reichle & De-Massari Polska Sp. z o.o. for the largest installation of a structural network in an industrial facility for 2018.

We're not afraid of big business. The area of prestigious office and commercial buildings, in which we have built complex structural installations with Internet access, is 158,561 sq.m, and they include the following:

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